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Our Fearless Leader Speaks (about some things) April 5, 2009

Okay, so Obama has actually made a public statement about that law that stripped away women’s rights in Afghanistan, publicly condemning it while at the G20 conference (via).

I’m glad that he took a firm stance on women’s rights being human rights, and an important thing regardless of one’s culture or religion; only time will tell if his speaking out against the law will actually do any good. Karzai, for his part, has promised to review the law, but to me it doesn’t sound like he’s planning on actually changing anything rather than attempting to cover his ass (emphasis mine).

Karzai did not mention Article 132 [the infamous “marital rape clause”] during a news conference Saturday. But he said he had studied the law earlier in the day and that “I don’t see any problems with it.”

He complained that Western media outlets had mistranslated it [which would imply that the women’s rights issues were exaggerated, except…]. He read an article of the law during the news conference that appears to restrict Shiite women’s right to leave their homes, though Karzai underscored a provision that allows women to leave in emergencies.

Call me a militant feminazi, but if the least misogynistic thing you can say about your new law is that it lets women leave the house when it’s on fire, you’re doing it wrong. (more…)


On Appeasement April 1, 2009

Today, we have two recent examples of political appeasement – one in Afghanistan, and one in the United States. In the U.S., Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, who is nominated to head the Department of Health and Human Services, has signed into law a bill passed in the Kansas legislature, restricting women’s abortion rights (via).

As far as fetal ultrasound mandates go, I think Twisty says it best:

Because stupid ignorant women apparently don’t have the slightest idea what pregnancy is; they need this vital information, available only through a medical procedure, about what is really going on in their lady-ovens. If they are given the opportunity (i.e. forced) to endure a fetus-screening (”Here’s baby’s precious little beating heart, here’s his adorable little brain stem …”), they will see the error of their ways and comply with the godbag mandate to shut up and be punished for the sin of fornication by incubating to term, followed by a lifetime of child-rearing drudgery.

[…]For a woman seeking an abortion, this weepy ultrasound intervention, like most state and medical interference in private lives, is wildly inappropriate. It’s nothing but pressure to conform by shaming the woman into a culturally-mandated response. No “information” is imparted, only social cues. The only possible rationale behind any […]anti-abortion bill is to make abortion as inconvenient, shaming, and difficult as possible.



Well, good for him September 26, 2008

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Obama has come up with a plan to eradicate all malaria deaths by 2015 [Hat tip to Aetiology]. Good on him, I say. Malaria is a nasty disease – I think I read somewhere that the parasites that actually cause the illness, the genus Plasmodium , have caused half of all infectious disease-related deaths since the Stone Age. Even now, in the ‘modern age’, it’s rampant – 515 million cases per year. Surprised? Well, since almost all of those deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, we don’t hear about it as much – especially because there is no shortage of bad things going on over there to be worried about. This map, from (another awesome site to spend a minute or 100 on), shows your standard world map, with the size of each country adjusted for the number of people who die of malaria per year there. As you can see, North America and Western Europe are basically a series of lines, South America has enough area to actually see different countries, India and Southeast Asia are still larger, and Africa is enormous.

Apparently, there are some doubts as to the efficacy of Obama’s plan, but it is better than McCain’s, which is pretty much nonexistent (as I clutch my pearls in shock). In any case, this news makes me happy, because:

  1. Obama, even before he’s in office, is already making long-term goals and plans to see them through
  2. He’s addressing something that’s a problem in other parts of the world, but not here – i.e., he’s able to not only deal with domestic problems, but use America’s still-considerable clout and money to actually help a huge number of people, rather than the Bush Doctrine way of ‘liberation with bombs’.
  3. Most importantly, as an avowed science/medicine nerd, I am always titillated by talk of The Germs.

Seriously, though. Anybody interested in the topic should totally check out the Wikipedia article, as it has lots of interesting information on the socioeconomic factors influencing and influenced by malaria, and also because I shouldn’t just steal any more information from it without giving Wikipedia its much-deserved props.