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Grin January 12, 2009

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Why am I giddy right now? It’s probably because of one of my Firefox add-ons: in particular, the President Bush Countdown 1.1.2. As you can see in my previous post that used a screenshot of my browser, the P.B. 1.1.2. resides in the bottom left corner of my browser. I added it a year or two ago, so when I started it the number was in the 5 or 600’s; over time, the number has steadily decreased (as would be expected), and a couple days ago:

Deep in the bowels of The Radical Notion

Deep in the bowels of The Radical Notion

Can we get a close-up on that, please? (more…)


Ever-So-Slightly Awesome December 31, 2008

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Lest people think I’ve been completely idle during my non-writing, I hereby enclose a screenshot of my Firefox browser upon successful completion of this game (wherein one must name all ~195 countries of the world). (more…)