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Guest Post: Science Rage April 9, 2009

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Today we have a special occasion: a guest post! This post is by my friend who chooses to go by Boku-Chan; she is a college senior majoring in computer science who plans to go to graduate school in Indiana next year. She’s also a chinchilla owner, magnificently angry feminist, and a generally fascinating personage. Her post today is on a subject near and dear to my heart, but one I don’t get to write about very frequently: science.

I’ve been having some private rage issues in the last two days, but it’s gotten a lot better since I’ve decided on a grad school and gotten some thesis work done and actually talked to my advisor. But today something perked up my latent rage: science.

Not rage about science, of course, as science is a wonderful thing, but someone’s misunderstanding of the purpose of scientific research. This blog, while it seems to be generally an okay feminist blog, has a post about stem-cell therapy entitled “If it’s already broke, don’t break it more”. (more…)