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Guest Post: Science Rage April 9, 2009

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Today we have a special occasion: a guest post! This post is by my friend who chooses to go by Boku-Chan; she is a college senior majoring in computer science who plans to go to graduate school in Indiana next year. She’s also a chinchilla owner, magnificently angry feminist, and a generally fascinating personage. Her post today is on a subject near and dear to my heart, but one I don’t get to write about very frequently: science.

I’ve been having some private rage issues in the last two days, but it’s gotten a lot better since I’ve decided on a grad school and gotten some thesis work done and actually talked to my advisor. But today something perked up my latent rage: science.

Not rage about science, of course, as science is a wonderful thing, but someone’s misunderstanding of the purpose of scientific research. This blog, while it seems to be generally an okay feminist blog, has a post about stem-cell therapy entitled “If it’s already broke, don’t break it more”. (more…)


The Social Construction of Femininity March 24, 2009

I’ve been super-busy this semester, and so haven’t blogged in a while. I’m going to try to rectify this by writing several posts that have been kind of mulling around in my head for a while. So – onward!

I’ve thought a lot recently about the relative importance placed on the physical appearances of men and women. And this post isn’t about the male gaze, or the fact that women’s physical appearance is deemed much more important and “relevant” in whatever social context they happen to be in – at least, it’s not only about that. I think it’s impossible to fully extricate oneself from these interconnected positive feedback loops of social mores, but I’m going to try and discuss a separate but related issue: the artificiality of a woman’s expected appearance.

Hopefully this isn’t too TMI (it wouldn’t be in a patriarchy-free world, but I digress), but as I go to a women’s college and rarely wear clothes that don’t cover my entire lower half, I sometimes go for a very long time without shaving my legs. This really shouldn’t be a big deal – but it is. It really is. Regardless of the fact that this blog is (somewhat) anonymous, it took me a minute to get up the courage to type that. What if one of my not-very-close friends reads that, and then they know? What if somebody stumbles on this blog from a random Google search, realizes that I’m the author, and then they know? What if I become suddenly inundated with antifeminist trolls, who are already far too eager to accuse one of being a “hairy-legged feminazi”? Or worst of all – what if somebody I’m interested in dating finds or is told about this blog, and reads this post? (more…)