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Obama’s Plan For Gay Rights June 19, 2009

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Sad but true.

Sad but true.

Preeetty much, yeah (That’s a screenshot, btw, of the simple-yet-endearing

So, this has been building for a while – ‘this’ being ‘Obama’s not as ‘fierce’ as he would like to think with the queers and their civil rights’ – and I haven’t said much, if anything, on it. Maybe a couple things. But nothing, really, on how he’s pretty much done jackshit on his ‘promises to the BTLG community’ shtick since getting into office. I’ve wanted to, yes! And the tension has only been building. But I haven’t, for a few reasons:

  • I’ve been posting very sporadically in general
  • I’ve been either busy (school) or destressing from said busy (cuddling with the dogs, and reading the entire ‘Earth’s Children‘ series by Jean M. Auel, which happens to be in my local library. Ayla and Jondalar FTW!)
  • Lots of other shit has been going on, in the country and the world (WTF Iranian election?! I’ve been glued to Twitter since Saturday!) and in the dark corner of my head where I think up blog posts, i.e. abortion, patients’ rights, right-wing hate speech, misogyny in the media, ad infinitum.

And there’s another one. As much as I would like to deny it, it’s almost certainly true that my straight and cis privilege makes me somewhat less likely to report on TLGB issues than other ones. I probably subscribe to fewer queer blogs than feminist ones (though they are, of course, far from mutually exclusive), and I also am more likely to write about things that have directly affected me, which again, as a cis straight woman, are less likely to be GBTL-related. So there’s that.

And then there’s the fact that the past week or so has seen the whole “Obama’s not as ‘fierce’ an advocate as he would like to say/think” meme go into OVERDRIVE, what with the Department of Justice saying same-sex marriage is the same as incest and all, in a brief released last Friday.

Understandably, that brief caused the blogosphere (or, at least, select parts of it) to explode. I haven’t seen much, if any, coverage of it in the MSM (Rachel Maddow notwithstanding), but that could also have been affected by the brief being released on a Friday and then the whole Iran thing happening (though of course, the networks didn’t really cover that either, so maybe there’s no excuse?). Next week, there’s been a ‘gay’ DNC fundraiser scheduled for a while, and Friday’s DOJ brief was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many TBLG orgs and people. Well, clearly, this was an untenable situation, because if there’s one thing the Democratic Party luurves about them queers,  it’s their money! So Obama decided to write an “Executive Memorandum” forcing some federal agencies to provide some benefits to some same-sex couples, expecting a cookie

Perhaps this cookie.

Perhaps this cookie.

Or two.

Sarah Palin has this one.

Sarah Palin has this one.

And cookies there were! Well, a couple of them. But most people were not mollified, and even more orgs withdrew from the fundraiser today. So now there is a storm of shit, and I am in the awkward position of wanting to write about all of it but having blogged none of it.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to post this today, along with a couple links to articles or posts I think do a good job of encapsulating, succintly, exactly what the eff is happening and why people are pissed. Then, starting tomorrow (maybe?) I’ll post some more things about what I and we have learned about this admin in the past few months, and what seems to lie ahead. It’s the whole thing with procrastination; you know, “getting started is half the battle” and all that. As any physics student knows, the coefficient of static friction is always greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction. So this is to get the ball rolling, and now there can be some more substantive writing sometime soon. Huzzah.

Obama’s unfulfilled gay rights promises, The Guardian‘s Comment Is Free

President Obama betrays the gay community, Salon


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  1. MD Says:

    Hey! I didn’t realize you liked the Earth’s Children series! I read the first two books this summer, and decided to take a bit of a break. ;>P Hope you’re doing well!

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