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This just in… April 7, 2009

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The Vermont legislature has overriden Governor Douglas’ veto of the same-sex marriage bill passed last Thursday. The Senate passed it 23-5 and the House just squeaked through, approving it 100-49. As compared to Iowa’s legalization (just 4 days ago!!!) this is less groundbreaking in that Vermont is a stereotypically hippie-dippie state unlike steadfast, corn-fed, All-American Iowa, but this is revolutionary in a different sense – this is the first instance in which same-sex marriage has been legalized through the legislature rather than the courts, indicating widespread popular support. The right wing can’t whine about “activist judges” this time*. And they actually overrode the governor! HAH! Way to stick it to him.

And now three out of the six New England states have marriage equality!** Rhode Island will, I fear, be the last of the six, as we have a not insignificant number of moderates/conservatives. Though this analysis by FiveThirtyEight says that if a marriage ban were proposed in the state, it wouldn’t actually pass now, which is something.

Actually, that’s a fantastic link. It quantifies the current downward trend that resistance to marriage equality is experiencing, and estimates in which year each state would not vote against same-sex marriage. Mississippi is last, in 2024. Sigh. But I can only imagine that this trend will become more pronounced, for as it becomes more and more commonplace and acceptable and normalized, the acceptability can only grow at a faster rate (assuming that the inevitable backlash doesn’t overwhelm the positive results, which is perhaps too optimistic for me to assume).

Also, for my readers’ edification, please feel free to watch the following video of an Iowan legislator explaining why no, he will NOT co-sponsor a ban on same-sex marriage (via). He is my favorite ally of the day!

I’m not gonna lie, the video made me cry a little bit (not as much as the excellent Courage Campaign video, but still a little misty).

Despite all the crap with LGBT rights that’s going down on my campus and in this country and around the world – crap that I can’t forget about – I”m still going to say that this is a Good Day. :).

*I wonder what argument they will use this time? Only time will tell.

**Or as equal as is possible under DOMA. Sigh.


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