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I am not…a member of the Family ‘Felidae’ January 26, 2009

I am not a cat. When I have an argument or physical altercation with another woman, it is not a catfight. It is not sexy or funny any more than it would be if two men were fighting, or a man and a woman. If I say angry words to another woman, it is not an occasion to say “meow” or to hiss. Maureen Dowd, irksome though she may be, is not “much better at meowing at her own side”, nor does she have “cat-wit”. If a woman or girl of any age is being petty or mean-spirited, she is not being “catty”. If I get a new boyfriend or lover (or get him to make a commitment), I am not “sinking my claws into him”, nor am I entrapping him as one would do prey.If I’m an older woman going out with a younger man, I am not a “cougar”. If I am struggling to gain recognition in a certain field, I am “not sharpening my claws”; the same goes for someone who is selfish. I do not “need to be spayed” to cut down on the number of abortions. If happy or sexually aroused (SFW), I do not “purr”. If I desire sex (SFW), I am not “in heat”. I do not “breed“. I do not “pounce“, “lie in wait”, or “bare my fangs“.

I am also not a “shrew“, a “harpy“, a “siren”, a “vixen“, a “minx”, a “filly“, a “fox“, or a “Gorgon“. If I am East Asian, I am not a “dragon lady”. If I scream, I am not a “banshee”. I’m not any breed of dog, so how can I be a bitch? I don’t have “talons“, a “hairy pelt”, “hindquarters“, or a “mane“. I do not need to be “tamed“, nor am I “fair game“. I am not the same as a farm animal in a cage. I am not a milk-dispensing machine, nor am I a “cow“, fat or otherwise. I am not a “beached whale“. I am not a magpie – attracted to shiny and sparkly things. Even if I were a bird, I would be fully grown, so I would not be a “chick“; it is thus inappropriate to use “chick” as an adjective when speaking about books or movies that are primarily directed at me. I am not an unpredictable and dangerous hurricane. I am not asuccubus“, “bloodsucker“, or a “maneater“. I am not a “different species“, and I am not from another planet (or if I am, it’s the same one everyone else is from). If there is a word that doesn’t denote any particular gender but is assumed because of male privilege to mean male, the suffix “-ess” does not need to be added when it describes a female being, just to emphasize how wacky and different it is that it’s not male (i.e. “tigress“).

I am a human adult who happens to identify as female. That’s all a woman is. What’s the big deal, exactly?


3 Responses to “I am not…a member of the Family ‘Felidae’”

  1. becky Says:

    TESTIFY. love it.

  2. Ginny Says:

    I love it.

    Keep on rocking!

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