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The Seedy Underbelly of Search Engines January 1, 2009

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A lot of the blogs I read have been doing summary or retrospective posts – “best posts of the year” or something else in that vein, but since I’ve only been around for a couple months (and actively blogging for an even shorter amount of time), it doesn’t seem like a useful thing to think about. However, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to showcase some of the most ridiculous search terms by which people arrived here. I really don’t know how some of these turned up my blog in their search results, but here they are – the most ridiculous search terms of 2008 (each with one hit):

  1. mccain+idiot+spain
  2. grecian columns wikipedia
  3. obama will kill us all
  4. republican bdsm
  5. mawwiage
  6. radical flower
  7. this form of feminism is individualistic
  8. “waterloo-oxford” gay

And, my personal favorite,

9. huge digs fuking small woomen

I really don’t know how that last one got in there. But no matter. Here’s to another year of radical flowers, republican bdsms, and “waterloo-oxford” gays!


One Response to “The Seedy Underbelly of Search Engines”

  1. didntmeantolaugh Says:

    You’ll always be my radical flower, TRN. Happy 2009.

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