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Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray… December 31, 2008

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You know what would be great? I keep thinking of various topics that were big in the feminist blogosphere (and LGBT rights blogosphere, and anti-racism blogosphere, and liberal politics blogosphere, among others – they’re interconnected) and looking for good posts that I know were written. But sometimes I can’t remember on which blog I read something (as of press time, my Google Reader has 186 subscriptions) and so I need to go search on different blogs to find the appropriate story. It would be really convenient if there were some website that had a search engine, or several, dedicated solely to this blogosphere and the posts made in it, so that I could go and search for posts about, say, Charlotte Allen’s piece in the Washington Post in March. If a topic is big, all of the major blogs will at least mention it, but different people choose different events to really write the stand-out posts about. So, for instance, in the aforementioned example, one of the most thorough posts on that article that I found was on Feministe (and that’s what I linked to). But if somebody was looking for the most comprehensive look at Dennis Prager’s recent posts on why women ought to have sex with their husbands even when they really don’t want to, Pandagon, Shakesville, or even Jezebel are among the best options I’ve found (not to denigrate any other blogs, of course).

To be fair, in some ways, this matter is already addressed, through blog carnivals (which I love) and the compilation posts that are so popular this time of year. Lots of blogs, either by necessity, conscientiousness, or desire to give credit where it’s due, link to posts by other bloggers on the same topic they’re writing about. In addition, some blog hosts (like WordPress) enable one to search across many blogs by their tags. These are all very good ways of increasing intra-blogosphere ties and disseminating information. However, it seems to me that it would be even better if there were some central site where people could either submit their posts or have them be nominated for entry; a kind of database for quality writing on topics of particular interest. With the latter option, even posts on topics of interest to the feminist blogosphere that were made on blogs that normally have a different focus could be included. Does such a thing already exist? I haven’t heard of one, but then again, I was also the person that hadn’t heard of blog aggregators like Google Reader and was pining away for the lack of one. I guess, as long as it hasn’t come to this, I’ll be okay:

Some students at my school were actually arguing over whether or not this picture was funny.

Some students at my school were actually arguing over whether or not this picture was funny.


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