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Ever-So-Slightly Awesome December 31, 2008

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Lest people think I’ve been completely idle during my non-writing, I hereby enclose a screenshot of my Firefox browser upon successful completion of this game (wherein one must name all ~195 countries of the world). I must say, is my newfound obsession – for anyone with a good memory and lots of seemingly useless knowledge, I recommend going to this site to test your skillz. For example, I now know that 8 out of the 25 most populous cities in Europe are in Germany, yet no German city is in the 25 most populous cities of the world. Whoda thunk it?

Suck on that, n00bz.

Suck on that, n00bz.

*The TRN enthusiast may also get to revel in the glory of my Firefox. I regularly have at least 15-20 tabs open, as can be seen – visible are posts from The Curvature, Pandagon, Gene Expression, and Feministe, along with “The definitive guide to equality in Sweden”, Perry Bible Fellowship Comics, the countdown in the lower right corner of # of days Bush has left in office, and more!


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  1. […] of one of my Firefox add-ons: in particular, the President Bush Countdown 1.1.2. As you can see in my previous post that used a screenshot of my browser, the P.B. 1.1.2. resides in the bottom left corner of my […]

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