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Verdict IN: Campbell’s > Progresso December 31, 2008

I’ve never been much of a soup person; that is, of any soup other than chicken noodle without chicken chunks or anything besides broth and a shit-ton of noodles (I’m not proud of my pickiness). However, I may need to start buying more soup, at least if it’s from Campbell’s, as they have just taken a small but significant step towards equality.

Now, ostensibly, what they did isn’t that big of a deal. They simply took out a four-page ad in The Advocate, an LGBT magazine, advertising their products (here’s what they looked like). Three out of the four ads are lone men talking about the wonderfulness that is Campbell’s, but one features two women and a young boy. (more…)


Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray…

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You know what would be great? I keep thinking of various topics that were big in the feminist blogosphere (and LGBT rights blogosphere, and anti-racism blogosphere, and liberal politics blogosphere, among others – they’re interconnected) and looking for good posts that I know were written. But sometimes I can’t remember on which blog I read something (as of press time, my Google Reader has 186 subscriptions) and so I need to go search on different blogs to find the appropriate story. (more…)


Ever-So-Slightly Awesome

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Lest people think I’ve been completely idle during my non-writing, I hereby enclose a screenshot of my Firefox browser upon successful completion of this game (wherein one must name all ~195 countries of the world). (more…)


Zzzzz… December 25, 2008

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Have lots of good ideas for posts…maybe in a couple days. Right now, am pretty drugged up as I just had foot surgery two days ago. Who knew that Vicodin makes you so sleepy? Anyways, any posts I wrote right now would be riddled with typos and ramblings on about cozy puppies (more so than usual, of course). So see you all in a few!


Denial isn’t a river in Africa, just because I said so! December 19, 2008

I’ll tell you, there is nothing like a good defense mechanism to expose someone’s secret, somewhat pathetic, inner workings.

Take denial. Say you are confronted with direct and incontrovertible evidence that something bad has happened – for example, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services has passed a rule making it easy for any Joe Six Pack with a health care-related job and a dream of inflicting his morals upon someone else to do so with complete impunity. You, being (at least ostensibly) a fairly reasonable person*, fully agree that if this were to happen, it would be disastrous. But it didn’t. So stop worrying! Silly girl.

Wait, what?

If I may… (more…)