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Breaking the Airwave Silence November 4, 2008

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So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much. I kind of got election fatigue – thousands of posts a day about omg McCain said this and Obama did that and Palin is an idiot and Biden had a face lift can be really draining. However, today is the last (hopefully last?) day of all that, as by this time tomorrow we should know who is the next President-elect.

Should know. That is, if the countless reports of vote tampering, roll purging, defective machines, Bradley effects, long lines, Republican misinformation about polling dates, and the forces of Satan himself don’t come to fruition. But hey – I’m not worried. Don’t worry about me, as long as Obama wins. If he doesn’t, I may need to retreat to an undisclosed location for some time.

Of course, lots of things have happened since I last posted. Sarah Palin got punk’d, Obama put out a long infomercial, everybody and their sibling has been on SNL, Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been idioting it up over on The View, and conservatives at my school are whining because they feel underappreciated. If I even attempted to cover all that, it would be ridiculous (plus, you know, all the important things that I left out). So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to give you guys a couple good links, just for old times’ sake, and then watch the election coverage. I’m not going to liveblog – probably – but I will have my computer so as to be the most in-the-know. And tomorrow, when the smoke clears, we’ll get back to our regularly-scheduled programming.


  • A letter to John McCain, from the Office of God.
  • 100 reasons not to vote for McCain – I don’t agree with all of them, but there are several good ones (I know, it’s probably obsolete by now, but thus is life).
  • The New Yorker’s endorsement of Obama – very comprehensive and well-written, in case you stumbled onto here by mistake and wonder why I hate Joe the Plumber and want us to be a Marxist nation.
  • Red Sex, Blue Sex – very interesting New Yorker article on differing attitudes about sex, marriage, and family in conservative vs. liberal states, and how there’s a huge disconnect between the two (I know, it sounds obvious, but go read it! There’s more to it than that).
  • From the peeps over at FiveThirtyEighta guide on watching the election results tonight.
  • Perhaps most importantly, a blog post from one of my friends, on being a Christian yet socially liberal. If you or someone you know is having issues with this kind of thing – for example, being Christian yet not supporting gay marriage – go read it. She does an excellent job of explaining that there is, in fact, no need to “reconcile” the two viewpoints at all, but how the true nature of Christianity requires one to help others in need. If you’re not Christian or religious in general, it may not be your thing, but if some of my analysis seems overly secular at times, go there for a slightly different take.

And…TRN out. See you all on the flip side!

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