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Newsflash: Obama wins! November 5, 2008

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So, I’m sure that everyone reading this already knows that Obama won. Can I just get a quick ‘woot’? Thank you. I watched the CNN election results with bated breath; I realized at about 10:15 that Obama was going to win (right after he won Ohio), but none of my friends were around, so I couldn’t tell anybody! It was so suspenseful. And then, of course, we counted down the last seconds until 11 when the polls on the West Coast closed and CNN could officially project it all for Obama…after counting down, the ‘breaking news’ graphic flashed across the screen and then we just saw “Barack Obama Elected President”. Well, let me tell you. I have heard some screams in my day, but nothing approaching the screaming I heard in the academic building I was in. The room I was watching from was packed, but it was tiny compared to the main one (watching Comedy Central), not to mention all the people milling around in the halls, squished like happy sardines. Even now, at 12:40, I can hear people on the other side of campus, screaming (it probably didn’t help that the school provided us with a couple kegs. For once, I wished that I drank so that I could say my school gave me free alcohol). (more…)


Breaking the Airwave Silence November 4, 2008

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So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much. I kind of got election fatigue – thousands of posts a day about omg McCain said this and Obama did that and Palin is an idiot and Biden had a face lift can be really draining. However, today is the last (hopefully last?) day of all that, as by this time tomorrow we should know who is the next President-elect.

Should know. That is, if the countless reports of vote tampering, roll purging, defective machines, Bradley effects, long lines, Republican misinformation about polling dates, and the forces of Satan himself don’t come to fruition. But hey – I’m not worried. Don’t worry about me, as long as Obama wins. If he doesn’t, I may need to retreat to an undisclosed location for some time.

Of course, lots of things have happened since I last posted. Sarah Palin got punk’d, Obama put out a long infomercial, everybody and their sibling has been on SNL, Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been idioting it up over on The View, and conservatives at my school are whining because they feel underappreciated. If I even attempted to cover all that, it would be ridiculous (plus, you know, all the important things that I left out). So here’s what I’m going to do. (more…)