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Sarah Haskins For The Masses (and The Win!) October 25, 2008

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It has recently come to my attention that several of my readers don’t know who Sarah Haskins is. I decided that this should be rectified post-haste and forthwith. Or something.

Who is Sarah Haskins, you ask? She is a comedy writer and actor on the TV channel Current. She’s on a weekly 30-minute show called Infomania. The reason that she’s become so popular, particularly in the feminist blogsophere, is because of a recurring segment on Infomania called “Target Women”, in which Sarah (hilariously) analyses and mocks advertisers’ attempts to sell products to women. There is, of course, lots of fodder for this endeavor; as she puts it:

I think they’re trying to toe a very fine line between seeming “with it” in terms of modern female roles and responsibilities while trying to do the tricky dance of selling us products that are related to much more traditional things: cleaning, cooking for your family, being a wifey… Hard to do both and not seem insane or ridiculous.

The above quote, by the way, comes from a recent interview Jezebel did with her. I know a lot of my friends, as well as I, have been craving info on Sarah – there is precious little of it on the Interwebs (Wikipedia seems to think she’s some Olympic triathlete). So for all of you out there dying to know her alma mater or hometown, go to this interview at The Bastion, or this one at Jezebel.

For the unitiated out there – I know I could offer some lengthy, boring explanation of why precisely Sarah Haskins is so awesome, complete with references to the patriarchy and societal privilege. But I think it be more effective (and more fun) to just show you why her clips still make me laugh out loud, after having watched them at least 5 or 6 times each. Below is one of my favorites, on birth control:

Another excellent one, on cleaning:

One more for the road, entitled “Feeding Your F—ing Family”:

Seriously, people. Take 4 minutes out of your frenetic Web surfing and just realize that everything you’ve been looking for is right here, in front of you. Are you just afraid to be happy?

Go here for all of the “Target Women” segments – be sure to check out the one called “Number Two”. No, really. Some other topics covered include Sarah Palin, wedding shows, Disney Princesses, yogurt, and chick flicks. It’s amazing.

And I’d just like to point out here, for the record, that this proves it’s possible to do good comedy without being offensive (particularly towards women), and confirms what I already knew about the term “humorless feminist”.


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