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Post And A Half October 11, 2008

What’s new, cyber-denizens? I have about eleventy-50 articles and posts bookmarked for suitable blog posts, as I haven’t written anything substantive in days. However, I have several days of Fall Break ahead of me, with nothing to do but luxuriate in the awesomeness of home-cooked food and fuzzy puppies, so I expect to make up for lost time.

So, let’s see – the debate. A lot of people I’ve talked to agree that it was ridiculously boring, but lots of people also feel that McCain made a complete fool of himself, what with wandering around during Obama’s speeches, making faces, being overly condescending to the audience members, and the infamous “That one”. Most polls agree that Obama won, which is good – not that most debates have an objective winner, but if people think a certain candidate won, it’s because they like that one better, so that’s good. Alternet has, as with the first presidential debate, short essays by six different people on who won the debate and why.

It really is breathtaking to take in the magnitude of McCain’s lies – both in the debate and in other venues, like ads and rallies. McCainpedia has a list chronicling his lies – the last time I checked, it had 129 items. Some of them are obvious and apparent to anyone who has just been watching debates or CNN, such as the idea that OBama is hiking up spending, but there are many others that I wasn’t aware of, such as the $3 million dollar study on bear DNA that is McCain’s favorite example of “pork-barrel spendng” – yet voted for anyway.

It seems that more and more people are catching onto McCain’s unique brand of ineptitude and fear-mongering, as many formerly red states are now looking distinctly blue. has all the charts and maps and poll results and probability statistics you could possibly wish for, both country-wide and state-by-state. Right now, based on current polls, it has a 90.9% chance of Obama winning the Electoral College, which is certainly awesome. But that awesomeness is mitigated by the omnipresent Bradley effect, possible downturns in polls, and the almost certain possibility of voter fraud, so it’s far from a done deal.

Logically, it makes sense that more and more Americans are turning from the Right to the Light. A Gallup poll this week found that a mere 9% of Americans were satisfied with the way things were going in this country – the lowest rating in the poll’s history (via ThinkProgress). As for the specific reasons people were unsatisfied, a breakdown is below:

Of the seven issues, only two are ones that the Republican party can even pretend to address better: “Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family decline; dishonesty” and “Immigration/Illegal aliens”. I disagree with the way the party deals with both of these issues, as well as the premise that they are as problematic in the first place, but people concerned with those two topics tend to lean conservative. But since only 4 & 3%, respectively, of people think those are the most pressing issues right now, the disenchantment with the GOP continues.

This Election Guide to the Economy from Alternet has a summary of the candidates’ positions on various economic issues, from minimum wage to unions to equal pay to paid family leave. Three guesses on which one’s record and plans actually help people. I honestly don’t have the energy to find or write about the ways that conservatives have handled Iraq or healthcare or education poorly, so hopefully you know that already.

However, there is something interesting about the “dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians; poor leadership; corruption; abuse of power” category. One of McCain’s main talking points is that he is a “maverick” who is a “straight talker” and cuts through the pork and bureaucratic doublespeak. Here, I could point out that he chose as his running mate someone who, historically, has had no problem whatsoever porking it up all over the place (or, you know, some less sketchy way of saying that she lets personal interests influence her making shady financial decisions). Alternatively, I could quote Steve Benen, who notes that “The McCain/Palin ticket is the first in American history in which both candidates were found to have violated ethics standards before a national election”.

But I actually think that in this case, Pundit Kitchen says it best:

And…I’m spent.


5 Responses to “Post And A Half”

  1. didntmeantolaugh Says:

    Hey TRN,

    Of the seven issues, only two are ones that the Republican party can even pretend to address better:

    I think you’re underestimating just how widely Americans’ views vary. There’s a chunk of the population that thinks “the situation in Iraq” can only be taken care of if we’re there rooting out Al Qaeda until the Apocalypse. Additionally, I’m willing to bet that some of the folks who are concerned about Congress think that part of the problem is that the government has too much power and is too far-reaching. (These guys usually only want it to go as far as my bedroom.) Heck, I could actually give a conservative reasoning for everything on the list.

    In line with the bear DNA example, the “overhead projector” McCain kept harping on about is actually the projector in the Sky Theater in Chicago’s Adler Planetarium (the oldest in the Western Hemisphere). The current projector is 40 years old and is no longer supported with parts or service by the manufacturer. The current machinery is literally falling apart, allowing light to escape where it shouldn’t. I mean, it’s not like inspiring new generations to explore the cosmos is important or anything. Also, it was only a request. It wasn’t even funded.

    P.S. Your snails are doing fine. I think they miss you.

  2. theradicalnotion Says:

    Oh, didntmeantolaugh, your bracing words of wisdom are always appreciated. It is nice to forget, if even for a brief moment, that there are still people who think staying in Iraq until the Rapture is the only way to make sure we aren’t all bombed in our beds. And I know there’s a conservative reasoning for everything on that list – of course, as Palin has to have something on her index card for when Gwen asks her about healthcare. but if people actually look things up, they’d see – you’re right. They never will.

  3. didntmeantolaugh Says:

    Hey again TRN,

    Do you know if I can change my pattern dealie?

  4. theradicalnotion Says:

    Erm….I think wordpress automatically assigns those kind of abstract designs to anybody who doesn’t have a user pic. If you wanted to create a username for commenting (or posting on people’s blogs), you could choose your own pic…otherwise, I think you’re stuck with that one.

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