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A-maz-ing: Les Misbarack October 5, 2008

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Well, I’ve always been an unabashed Broadway junkie, and love Les Miserables in all of its melodramatic glory, so the following video makes me all sorts of tingly:

My favorite part is when the lead staffer, holding his coffee cup, walks behind someone who’s holding out a note for all he’s worth, and just tosses out a “One Day More!”, and keeps walking. Like – yes, this is a very moving musical number, but c’mon people! These electoral votes won’t win themselves!

One quibble, though – why are all of the staffers white? I’d imagine, and think I read somewhere, that the Obama campaign was one of the most racially diverse staff. Ah well. And I’m 99.9999% sure that they’re lip-synching, but if they weren’t, that would be several kinds of awesome. I think it was genius to use the McCain-Palin ticket as Javert and the Thenardiers; I nearly fell over laughing. Now, if they would only do “Master of the House” next…


2 Responses to “A-maz-ing: Les Misbarack”

  1. Language police Says:

    I thought they were lip syncing at some places in the middle, but then at the end I wasn’t so sure. Obviously the film had to be edited to fit the soundtrack, since the scene keeps jumping around yet the soundtrack is continuous. So, perhaps the real question is, did those people sing the soundtrack?

    Pretty clever in any event.

  2. Laughing Cat Says:

    I agree… I enjoyed this, but was greatly confused by the fact that 99% of the people in it were white. The Obama campaign is extremely diverse, so where was that diversity in the film?

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