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Prebate October 2, 2008

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So in less than an hour, the most awesome event in the couse of this century will commence. Will Biden roll his eyes once at Palin for a second and earn the ire of Republican ‘feminists’ for a lifetime? Will Palin do a Tina Fey impression? Would anyone be able to tell? Because they are made of awesome, Feministe has made another drinking game about tonight’s debate; I suggest you go look at it (especially if you are one my friends who will be watching the debate from the Pub, or possibly on a bed of pain alone in your room). It made me giggle muchly. For the teetotalers among us who are not ambitious or kickass enough to liveblog themselves, but still wish to feel participatory, I suggest that you print out a card of Sarah Palin Bingo. Verily, I cannot hope to approach their awesomeness.(Speaking of awesomeness, Megan Carpentier at Jezebel is liveblogging the debate again. Go check it out, because that is one woman who has a good head on her shoulders, especially where politics is concerned).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! My lovely assistant , C.S.D.L.H.U., will be helping me keep a tally of key matters such as ‘Pseudo-Ingratiating Quips’ and ‘mentions of hunting, skinning, or general outdoorsiness’. In a half-assed effort to be bi-partisan, I (she) will be keeping track of said matters by both candidates, not just the Thrilla from Wasilla.

I will also be covering this debate not from my living room, as with the last one, but in a very large room in an academic building at my school. Because it is made of awesome, professors will also be attending and our nonpartisan political activism group is apparently running some sort of bake-off and there’s even a mysterious local news van out in front, in the middle of the Academic Quad. (Update: There’s now a man with a television camera inside, with the lens trained on, oddly enough, our big screen. Is the news channel unable to show the debate themselves, or are the reactions of a bunch of college students really what he’s looking for?) Both bizarre and exhilarating.

Hoo boy, on CNN they have a clock counting backwards, apocalypse-style, accurate to the last second. Could they please be a little more dramatic? There’s also a row of pundits, each with a laptop with a jaunty ‘CNN’-themed sticker on the cover that is conveniently facing the viewers at home. There’s also a ticker on the bottom with ‘fun vice-presidential debate facts’ (I know, oxymoron much?) that I may end up blogging if this is less interesting than I foresee.

Honestly, though. Everyone I know is much more excited about this debate than last Friday’s, and from what I’ve gathered of the outside world whilst I have been cooped up in the bubble of college, I think many Americans feel the same way. A lot’s riding on this. Alas, sources I’ve read seem to think we won’t be seeing any Palin crash-and-burn moments, but I suppose there’s always hope.

See you in a bit!


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